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Smart. Sensual. Curves in all the right places.

In a blazer and flats or a breezy sundress, I am the classic girl next door with the sweet but slightly wicked smile, the one who caught your eye in the coffee shop. But my leather handbag contains more than just a dog-eared novel—you might just find lace designer lingerie, a petite vibrator, and silk stockings for today’s date: welcome to the secret world of Arianna Rose.

I am not your ‘average’ escort, if there is such a thing. With a master’s degree and a rewarding career, my life as Arianna provides me with adventure and escape from the mundane — I absolutely love the thrill of meeting new people and giving them pleasure, both sexually and intellectually.

It’s my part-time escape from reality, will you join me?             

I am a true world traveller in all sense of the word, with a longing to experience everything life can offer us. I love to share in authentic and meaningful experiences. To me, the sexiest organ is the mind, and I love when I can really connect with a gentleman (or woman)—it makes our time together so much better.

Time spent with me is as authentic and real as it gets. Although I may go by a pseudonym to protect my identity,  I am always myself with the select gentleman I spend time with, both because I wouldn’t know how to be anyone else and because I am not one for putting on airs or being untrue to myself.

I am a laid back, easy-going girl next door—the type you would never guess leads a secret life as an escort. I have been told I am ‘effortlessly sexy’, an innocent ingenue who opens up behind closed doors.

Discretion is of paramount importance to me, as I know it is to you too, so please be assured that everything will stay completely confidential between us and I will always arrive at your hotel dressed in a classic, understated style.

Long and natural brunette locks, a lean and toned body with curves where it matters, glowing bronzed skin, and large almond eyes await you. As your hands caress my soft skin, you’ll feel a small, trim waist, leading down to a round, peachy behind and legs that seem to go on forever.

For a refreshing change, all of my photos are un-airbrushed and un-Photoshopped, and were taken very recently. I want you to request my company with the confidence that I am who I claim to be. I am fully independent, and throughout our correspondence you will be communicating directly with me.

My body is also all-natural and I maintain a healthy lifestyle. When not working, I can be found cycling, bushwalking, skiing, or diving in one of Sydney’s beautiful bays.

If you make use of Twitter, please follow Arianna_R_ for sexy pics, updates, and my random musings. I look forward to meeting you on a secret rendezvous.

The Experience

Time spent with me is far from formulaic. While my natural instincts tend to lean towards a sexy, fun, girlfriend-type experience, I also love sweet, sensual time spent with one another.

While I don’t like to categorise my sexuality into bullet points, please let me know if there’s a particular experience or activity you’d like to try together.

I delight in seeing both men and couples and am also happy to partner with another escort for a double date. I’d be glad to recommend some sexy playmates.

Gifts are never expected, but you’re welcome to bring along a bottle of your favourite drop if you’d like to share it together.


I can’t wait to spend some time getting to know you. My preference is skewed towards longer dates, as two hours make for an ideal first date—let’s share some wine and nibbles and get to know one another, until we part as new lovers that feel like old friends.

550/one hour
1000/two hours
1400/three hours
1400/lunch or dinner date
1700/extended lunch or dinner date

I’d also be delighted to join you for an overnight or a weekend away together, please contact to discuss.

Couples are a true delight for me as well—I love the erotic dynamics that three can create! For couples, please add a flat fee of 200 to the rates above.

Deposit Policy

Please note that new clients might be asked to pay a small deposit to secure our time together. This is ideally to be paid by Beem It, a free and anonymous app for both parties.

I lead a very busy life and a deposit locks in my time.

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